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The classic aircraft, as in the collective imagination appears in its concrete forms


The flying machine among those operating the less known, but the most amazing for its performances and flight characteristic

Abu Dhabi Sports Aviation Club (ADSAC) offers some amazingly exciting flight activities that are unique in nature. We give you chance to fly Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) , Airplane and Gyrocopter with our future expansion plans to include Sailplanes, weight Shift Control aircraft and Para motors. The ADSAC is approved flying club from General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to conduct LSA Operations in UAE, thus we can enable amateur pilots to satisfy their desire to touch the skies in a safe and professional environment.


About Learning to fly.
What are the advantages of training at ADSAC School?

We provide a training experience that is the best, with nearly new and well maintained training aircraft, a team of multinational instructors bringing a wealth of experience from many sectors, seasoned professionals, state-of-the-art training facilities.

Does it require some training to become a sport pilot?

A student shall successfully complete all theoretical and practical flight training with an approved flight instructor and within the designated approved flying zones

What are the pre Requisites to be a LSA Pilot?

  • Age: 17 Years before the start of the training
  • Obtained the necessary security clearance
  • Passed the required medical
  • English language proficiency Level-4

What aircraft do you use for flight training?

Our training Light Sport Aircraft are what we recognize, and not only us, as the best training aircraft for ab-initio flight training. For fixed-wing training, we use the Aeroprakt 32 and for Gyrocopter Magni Gyro M 16 TT.

Why should I join ADSAC?

ADSAC School is strategically located approx. half way between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with our upgraded training facilities located at Kizad Airfield OMAG; air conditioned classrooms and hangars, a multimedia library.

Do I have to undergo some ground schooling before I start my flying?

Yes, you will have to undergo at least 5 hours of ground schooling with our extremely professional ground school instructors before commencement of flying activities and a total of 25 hours before getting your LSA. The number of ground school hours may differ depending upon your capabilities to absorb the information.

Do I need to have English language proficiency?

Yes, in order to fly solo and conduct cross country flights, a pilot have to demonstrate the proficiency in English Language. As of now the acceptable means of ascertaining that proficiency is minimum ELP Level 4 or above.

Do I have to pass some written exam?

Yes, it’s a must to pass the written exam with at least 75% passing marks before obtaining the license.

If I pass the written exam and do not complete my flying to obtain my license, how long that written exam shall remain valid?

The period of validity of the written exam is 24 months

What subjects I would have to study in order to pass my written exam?

Following are the subjects that are mandatory to be covered in study curriculum

  • Air Law
  • AGK. (Type Specific)
  • Demonstrate ability to perform Flight planning and performance measurement.
  • Capability of conducting Solo flights and taking off from/ landing in other flying clubs or airports.
  • Passing a LSA foundation course
  • Passing Radio telephony course

What are the minimum number of hours that a student pilot has to fly before award of license?

Following table depicts the minimum number of hours in each category:

Can I experience flying before joining the flight school?
Yes you can, we can take you around with an Introductory Flight.